Before + After: Eat, Sleep, Play, Clean


Kitchens are irrelevant, said no one ever. According to our unscientific yet totally educated guess, our clients spend A LOT of time in their kitchens. We’ve also heard that when you’re kitchen is beautiful, it’s easier to cook and the food tastes 87% more delicious. Look at these transformations - wouldn’t you rather cook in the pretty one? Us too.



You might be sleeping, but your eyelids don’t like ugly either. It’s true that your body responds to your environment so up your odds of a good night’s sleep by kicking ugly to the curb. How could you not have sweet dreams in these dreamy spaces?



That room is gorgeous! DON’T GO IN THERE! What’s the point if it’s too pretty to play? Don’t be fooled - we use durable materials



IDK what you’ve been doing in there for the last 20 minutes, but I assume you like the design?