The 6 (Emotional) Steps of Surviving a Remodel

Remodeling your home can be a huge commitment. With over a decade of experience under our belts, we’ve noticed that there’s a wild roller coaster ride of emotions that come along with rip, tear, and rebuild of our client’s spaces. If you, too, are considering a new space, here’s what you can expect: from start to finish.



When you first reach out to your designer or contractor, it feels like the world is your oyster. You ask, ‘Can I fix this? What about this? How can I fix this ugly wall? How much is it going to cost me? Who cares!’

You are so excited to meet with your designer, the one who can make all your dreams come true. You’re ready to be the BEFORE and AFTER client you see online, in magazines, on TV… ‘This is magical!’ you say.




Adios, money! The proposal is coming together and the details are being finalized, so it’s time to sign that check and begin creating your dream space. As you walk in to sign your name on the dotted line, you reflect on all the hours you’ve worked and money you’ve saved in order for this to happen. Exhaling, you think of all the other choices you could have made and things you could have done with that money; a fabulous vacation, new furniture… You realize that sink alone could buy you a night a 5-star hotel. But forget that, you’re ready. You are committed to investing in your space.

Even though your designer/contractor told you to set aside a solid 15% for budget overages, you are convinced that it won’t be you. There will NOT be mold. You will not want to add dimmers to the lights at the eleventh hour. And nope, no frozen water lines for you. Financial stress is a real part of the remodeling process and your relationship with money will have an impact on how enjoyable the process is.




It’s finally here! Demo day! The excitement is back, and although you’ve had to pack up all your belongings, you are excited about a fresh start. Things are moving fast; that kitchen you've stared at for 10 years is now demolished and being rolled away in pieces. You can feel your dreams becoming a reality. You envision yourself in your new gourmet kitchen. This is it! It’s happening and nothing can bring you down. Making coffee in your bathroom and washing dishes in your laundry room doesn’t bother you. It just means you are on your way.




Ok, so washing dishes in the laundry room is kiiiind of annoying. You take a peek once the contractors head home after a day of work and wonder what they even did all day. You realize you need lights over your island, but why does it take so long?

Having these kinds of days is one of the hardest things for clients to tolerate when they just want it DONE. You’re just waiting for the day this all ends… when you can load your coffee cup in the dishwasher when you can cook your family dinner again.





The end is near! 95% of your new space is complete. The finishes touches are being put on. Contractors are coming in each day to finish the non-essentials.

At this point, you can basically live and function in your space again! You have a dishwasher and an oven, but you’re ready for the ‘wow’ factor. You want that last knob on the cabinet door installed. Final walk through is coming and you want it to be perfect, but don’t worry. Your team is ON IT.




The final walkthrough is here! You sign off on the paint, your designer has scheduled photos, things are getting accessorized, and suddenly you forget all about making coffee in the bathroom. You look around and see pure beauty. You’re reminded of your ‘before’ and feel an immense sense of pride. Your neighbor's visit and ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’. All that hard work and all of those inconveniences become worth it. You look back and realize that your Savvy Team was on it from the start. They followed through on all the details and finished strong. Your dollars were invested in a space that makes you happy and will last. You are ready to sit back and enjoy your space. You made it. This is the life…



You LOVE living in your new space. It’s exactly how you imagined, and your Savvy Team could not be more excited for you!