Everything Designers want you to know about COREtec

Before COREtec, homeowners would choose between tile, wood or that awful clickety laminate flooring with the felt underlayment. 

Margate Oak Everything Designers want your to know about COREtec Floors, Luxury Vinyl planks with cork underlayment, no demo, cheaper than wood or tile | image from Savvy Interiors, top-rated design and remodel firm in San Diego

Our first COREtec install...goes right over the existing tile!

Color: Margate Oak, 9" vinyl plank COREtec

COREtec hit the market with a excitement of possible applications. My first job we did (the most popular pin on Pinterest) was a game changer for a young family that had tile they hated, but so badly wanted wood. Their budget dictated trying something new. Seeing the product go down was a game changer. The installation was faster, there was no demo of the tile ahead of time and the low profile product laid down beautifully. 

COREtec has been such a great product for our remodels for many reasons. I had a chance to catch up with my territory Representative Matthew Murdy from US Floors and asked him to explain a few things. 

COREtec is often referred to as LVP. What does LVP stand for (besides Lisa VanderPump)?

LVP, when you are talking about flooring,  stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank. At US Floors, we sell WPC (Wood plastics composites) and SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) core products.  

Why is COREtec leading the industry right now? 

COREtec is the pioneer of the industry. Its patented construction is leading the way for its product category.  COREtec remains committed to providing new innovative and cutting edge products, while also leading in styling. We take pride in leading the vinyl category in design, innovation and quality.

What are the benefits to homeowners? 

COREtec is popular with homeowners because it is kid-proof, pet-proof, water-proof! Other benefits include:

  • Fast and easy installation: The flooring is installed as a snap and click installation instead of traditional glue or nail down, which saves time. 
  • Quieter floor in general: COREtec's cork underlayment absorbs noise more than traditional hard surface flooring
  • Minimal MaintenanceClean up is quick and easy, sweep or mop as necessary (no sealing or refinishing) 

What are the top 3 “green” reasons to invest in CoreTec? 


  • All products are GREENGUARD GOLD certified & CARB 2 Compliant.
  • COREtec is made from virgin vinyl and is phthalate-free.
  • Our corporate facility currently houses two photovoltaic (PV) solar arrays on two facilities in Dalton, GA, covering over 114,000 square foot.

What are the benefits of COREtec's cork underlayment?

Everything Designers want your to know about COREtec Floors, Luxury Vinyl planks with cork underlayment, no demo, cheaper than wood or tile | image from Savvy Interiors, top-rated design and remodel firm in San Diego

The "Plus" in COREtec Plus is the attached Cork Pad. Our Cork Underlayment is provides better sound absorption and is more comfortable underfoot. Also, we've noticed the floors are generally much warmer! Cork naturally resists mold and mildew. Because of this underlayment, there is no need for additional pads.

How does COREtec compare to other flooring options on price and installation?

Compared to traditional wood flooring...Wood flooring requires demolition. A medium grade oak floor with 9" planks + installation + glue or nail down = avg. ~ $15.00/sf

Compared to wood-looking tile plank flooring...  Tile also requires demolition. Tile + mortar + grout + demo = ~ $14.00/sf

COREtec does not require demolition. The materials + installation = ~ $6.50/sf.

*Price may vary for carpeted areas that need a subfloor build up.

You may have seen COREtec already without knowing it. We use this product for every Savvy Giving by Design possible. Being phthalate-free and "green," and waterproof, COREtec is a win-win for families and the installation is quick enough for our quick turn arounds!


COREtec & Savvy Giving by Design


COREtec & Remodels

Recently, we've seen an uptick in homeowners wanting the warm wood floor look with the functionality of a waterproof surface. I believe this product from US Floors LLC is the best of all LVT's, and in our homes, it's the higher end product that can lay directly over older wood flooring or tile giving a cohesive look without the demolition costs associated with a remodel. 

Interested in using COREtec in your home or remodel project? 

Want to see it in person first?

We have COREtec installed at our design showroom inSIDE by Savvy! Stop by and see it for yourself!