Long Story Short… Just Make It Pretty

Residential Interior Design:

The fastest way from ewwww to ahhhhhhh!

Let’s take what you have and punch it up with some strategic pretty. A new layout, fabrics and textiles that feel as good as they look, and maybe a touch of funk to keep you young. And yes, function and style can be besties, so if you believe you can’t have nice things because kids and pets, think again!


Where the BIG magic happens.

You’ve been waiting a long time for this and you’re so excited, you CAN’T. EVEN. We’ll design it with you AND build it for you which means less hassle, a streamlined process, and fun. All the fun you can handle.

Custom Furnishings & Accessories:

Remember that kid in the candy store?

Visit inSIDE, our interior design showroom and retail store and press your nose against the window to get the best view of an inventory so dreamy you might just swoon (we have couches for that). While you’re here, order custom furniture and shop our selection of unique.

Digital Design

If you are looking for a quick (and budget-conscious) alternative to a designer coming to your home, consider our eDesign services. You'll have the expertise of a designer helping you select materials and furnishings for a flat fee of $1,000.

Putting It All Together

Don’t take it from us - see for yourselves.