There’s no shame in an outdated home, in fact, we think it’s cause for celebration.



Because you get to choose your own adventure and submerge yourself in a process of creation that reflects your idea of beauty - beauty that will eventually surround you and make your home the place you most want to be.

So what do we do? We help you create the space.

And what do you do? You do the living. Host parties, grow your family, adopt pets, cook feasts… make memories that’ll hold your hand when you’re old. And pay no mind to those mysterious paw and kid-shaped stains on the couch. We have special fabrics for that because, well… life.

It’s The Living That Matters

Savvy Interiors cares about the living that goes on in a home which is why we design and create spaces that’ll hold your life and its entirety. Children will tantrum no matter your floor choice and the dog will continue to sneak on the couch when nobody’s home… life goes on so why not take your idea of beautiful and give it texture, bring it to life?

But you know us - we love ugly homes. They represent possibility, a life well-lived and all that’s yet to come. The onset of a new project is just as exciting for us as it is for you (true story).

Why Do People Work With Us?

Before talent, before design, and before anything else, know that we’re a dependable team of good humans and we have your back from ewww ugly to aaahhhmazing.

Is our design process easy and fun? Yes.

Is our process streamlined and methodical? More Yes.

Will you love your new space? All The Yes.

Trust us with your ugly, unsavory, and outdated because this, friends, is where it gets good.



Meet the Team


Savvy Interiors began when Susan started tapping into her talent for interior design she likely inherited from her grandmother — a respected interior designer in Orange County. Susan adores design, between remodels of baths and kitchens, Susan is a mother of 5 daughters and started a non-profit in 2014. Susan will often shoot straight, she won't hold back on opinions and is incredibly decisive. She can work with you to identify your priorities, your budget, and how to maximize your space all with a slightly fun, playful attitude. She believes that remodeling should be fun and an adventure. The perspective she has gained working with her non profit has grounded her to marry function and form and maximize your project. 

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As Savvy Interiors continued to grow, John joined Susan several years ago after a career in the software industry. John now uses his managerial and business background to help Susan manage Savvy’s business activities.

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Haley grew up in Carmel CA and moved to San Diego in 2001. She has two older brothers and a younger sister who live in the Monterey Bay area. She lives in San Marcos with her husband… Haley enjoys hiking, cooking, visiting family up (or traveling) north and snowboarding. Professionally, I have background in model home design as well as account management.

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Jillian was born and raised in southern California, then moved to Chicago for about 7 years where she met her sweet husband, and dragged him all the way back to CA! She has a passion for interior design, a love for anything antique and a knack for refinishing vintage furniture. When she's not working you can find her doing yoga, rearranging my furniture for cardio or pretending to be a foodie on the weekends. 

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Vanessa is proud to be a native of San Diego. Her passion for design started at a very young age. She graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in interior design. She has gained experience in the furniture and fabric industry as well as previously with Savvy Interiors as a design intern. Her main goal is to make the design process fun and easy. Vanessa enjoys making each space reflect her client’s personal style and needs.

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