There’s no judgement here - we adore homes that need a bit of a lift because nothing warms the heart like demolition day. Be it dated, worn, or slightly distasteful (and yes, maybe ugly), we’d be delighted to bash some bricks and knock holes in the walls of your most unsavory room.

Savvy Interiors is a boutique design & remodeling firm that enjoys fixing houses that fall somewhere on the spectrum of not as beautiful as you’d like it to be and for the love of all things sacred, fix it NOW. We approach each project with sophistication, whimsy, and a scosh of tough love, giving you the look you want with the service you absolutely deserve.



Bells, Whistles, & Brass Tacks (what we do):


Go all in. The best contractors, expert designers, and premier retailers marry to form an unparalleled posse of ugly-eradication. Salivating yet? Your remodel will be superlative, imaginative, and high-classative.

room design

It’s time. Freshen up with some  improvements and allow our innovative designers to help you strut your stuff. Gently coax your home into the correct decade (ahem) with updated furniture, fresh paint, textiles, or custom window treatments. What happened in the 80’s should stay in the 80’s.


Be that kid in the candy store. inSIDE, our very own showroom and design space, hosts the latest and greatest furnishings and materials. Select your goods, obsess over tile, and leave sticky fingerprints everywhere (we host chocolate too)...